Meet Ben & Sarah

Ben Nadler is the innovator behind The Financial Grip System™.

His wife, Sarah Nicole Nadler, is a business consultant, Certified Life Coach, 5X internationally-acclaimed author, and human rights activist.

Together they co-founded The Financial Grip to help "normal" people achieve the level of financial independence normally reserved for the super wealthy.

Our Story

In 2018, Sarah launched her coaching/consulting business. Suddenly overnight our two founders 10Xed their income!

That was great....until they started spending it faster than they made it.

Ben finally realized he needed a budgeting system that made it possible for him to see at a glance whether or not he had spending money left, and set aside money for bills.

Thus The Financial Grip System was born!

Long story short...

Sarah shopped herself into $20k in credit card debt that year before finally admitting to Ben that she had a problem.

When he showed her his system, she was amazed!

One year later they had gotten rid of more than $35k in credit card debt combined, and were setting aside hundreds of dollars per month toward savings and retirement.

Now, our team teaches The Financial Grip System of budgeting - so you can achieve financial independence!

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